Build a brand experience they rave about.

An online branding masterclass to help you create a recognisable brand that stands out from the noise.

Create a memorable brand identity
Get clear on your brand strategy
Power up your website, ads & marketing


What you do is different.

Why not have a brand identity to match?

(Trendy, brightly-coloured spray-painted pineapples not needed.)


  • have branding that had a stronger presence online?
  • have a logo was memorable?
  • have a brand identity that conveys your brand’s fun personality?
  • stand strong in your branding and resist all the fads?
  • find the right brand consultant to help you with your brand direction?
  • articulate your vision so that your graphic designer gets it?
  • have a logo that reflects your brand values?
  • stop comparing yourself to other cool brands?


Be the cool brand others compare themselves to.

Whether you’ve run a dozen businesses or are launching your first idea, building a cohesive brand is essential to your success and it has never been easier.

Let me show you how.


Hi, I’m Gretchen Oris-Chong.

I'm a self-taught brand designer with a background in tech who figured out simpler, faster ways to design beautiful brands. 

Using minimalist philosophies & nature as my inspiration & guide, I've built a business I love by creating clean, essentialist designs for my 6-7 figure clients.

I'm on a mission to help more visionary entrepreneurs make a difference in the world, as it breaks my heart when I see amazing brands get ignored because they don't have the right branding & strategy that sticks.

So I created THE BRAND EVOLUTION FRAMEWORK that walks you through how to get clear on your brand identity, design and strategy so you can build and grow a memorable brand. 

The 3-Step Brand Evolution Framework

Step 1
Get clear on your brand direction & strategy.

Step 2
Create a brand brief & articulate your vision.

Step 3
DIY or outsource your brand identity knowing you're on the right path.

(Rinse & repeat everytime you feel it's time for a brand refresh!)


The Brand Tour course modules are so beautiful and easy to follow, well done!!

This program is amazing. It’s a a hugely valuable resource for me and anyone else looking at branding their own business or starting to design for other people.

You're a genius ❤



Discover what you need to create, design or outsource different aspects of your branding.


✔️ Brand Identity Style Guide
✔️ Mood Boards
✔️ Logo
✔️ Typography/Fonts
✔️ Colours
✔️ Graphics


✔️ Websites
✔️ Landing Pages
✔️ Forms
✔️ Sales Pages
✔️ Domains, DNS, codes, etc.


✔️ FB Ad Planning
✔️ Marketing Graphic
✔️ eBook/PDF Design

We'll use Squarespace and my secret stash of design tools that will make your life easier so you can focus on growing your brand - instead of installing updates or wrestling with expensive/complicated/inefficient software like Photoshop, Canva or Wordpress.  (Although the principles won't stop you from using them...if you're a thrill-seeking techie who likes the challenge 😜).


I can't believe I'm no longer procrastinating! 

I've got fonts, colours, a logo (in various colour combos for watermarking), instagram backgrounds, landing page design, new or revitalized accounts with Mailchimp, privy, figma, facebook, instagram, font candy, easil, an interim gmail address until I decide on my website host / platform and even an Etsy store as a back up.  

Most of all I have set myself a deadline and a plan to reach it - building on your bite sized steps approach. I'm super excited by what I've achieved so far and where I'll be this time next week - thank you!

Blogger, Simple Lovely Useful​​​​​




The first & only online branding masterclass that gives you a step-by-step, all-access VIP tour of the complete framework that helps you create, design, & grow your brand.





Get clear on your core brand values & direction. 

Go on a virtual retreat to find your brand's true north so you know you're on the right path.
Learn about the 5 branding dangers that you should steer clear of. 


Create a brand positioning statement that differentiates your brand. 

Get clear on your message so there's no confusion - for you, your team, or customers.
Know what you don't know about branding and get visibility on the road ahead, so you're ready and don't rely on consultants/designers for brand direction.
Discover how to avoid stagnation with a simple compass that guides you when to refresh and how to deal with rebranding.


Build a Brand Brief to get you and/or your designer on the same page. so you get it right the first time.

Get insider's secrets on how to make sure your visual branding aesthetically appealing, resonant and relatable.
How to make sure your branding doesn't alienate key clients.
The one thing you need to know what sticks, stay the path and not get distracted by trends or other brands. (And avoid shiny font syndrome.)


Create a memorable brand identity that you and your customers love.

Get clarity on when to DIY and when to outsource.
How to create a brand identity that reflects your brand and communicates its values so that it resonates. Find the right balance so it looks pro and consistent and trustworthy.
Discover distilled, practical, simple, actionable theories from a self-taught brand designer.

- How to Create a Distinctive Logo & Identity
- How to Choose Bespoke Brand Colours
- How to Tailor Your Typography to Attract the Right Customers
-How to Select Inspired Images & Graphics
- How to Create Professional Layouts


Get attention-grabbing, Don-Draper-esque marketing assets that gets more customers who obsess about your brand that they can't stop telling their friends.

How to find and reach your ideal customers and make them fall in love with you with the best brand experience. 
How to create professional designs without mucking around with professional design software…because your time is better spent outside of that learning curve…
How to create opt-ins that’s irresistible like gelato.


8-Minute Course Videos

Short and to the point - platform-agnostic principles so you learn only what you need, FAST. 

You won't have to watch hours of videos to complete it, gets you motivated to create. Start implementing with speed using your favourite platform. Feel proud and in control as you learn how to shape your branding.

Companion Workbooks

Cloud-based and downloadable workbooks to guide you through the course. 

Plan your whole strategy with easy step-by-step blueprints so you can dive straight into action. Feel prepared for any branding scenario, with a clear direction.


Masterclasses & Mastery Voyages

Bonus walkthroughs and extra classes for advanced users (like Antarctic Explorers). 
Keep out until you’ve visited the other continents.

Secret Swipes Gallery

Carefully curated and constantly updated, so you can see what inspires me and my work. Get the most beautiful and functional designs the internet has ever seen, that's relevant to your business and industry so you don't need to scour the whole of Pinterest. Feel confident with your choices when creating your own brand.


Watch how a pro designer put it all in action. Get access to templates and videos not available to the public. So you can take inspiration and model how it's done, and feel amazed at how much faster your workflow can be.

Practical Action-Packed/How-To Guides

Step-by-step tutorials & animated screenshots so you learn how to do it yourself. Create your own graphics and landing pages. 

Next time you need quick graphics, you don't have to wait. Feel the momentum knowing that you have what you need to quickly put ideas into action

Design Tools Vault

With the latest and best-of-breed tools. Get trusted advice on the simplest software that will get you running fast. 

Know exactly which software is good for what, and have the flexibility to choose what’s right for your business. So you don't spend hours researching - I've already done the hard work for you. Feel like you have an in-house techie designer, and you won’t feel boxed in to a tool that isn’t right for you.

Private Support Community

Connect with like-minded designers & businesses as you create & refresh your brand through its growth stages.

Stay on top of trends and get peer feedback on your work. Know that you're not alone and you have the support of alumni within reach.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” 


What's my investment?

How many potential customers are getting attracted by your competitors? How many of lives are being unchanged because they don't know how you can help? How many people are passing up on what you offer? Can potential customers understand why they need your product or service? When you're brand's not standing out, it could be costing you thousands.


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Practical Action-Packed/How-To Guides

Design Tools Vault

Private Support Community


Masterclasses & Mastery Video Walkthroughs

Secret Swipes Gallery

Branding Behind-The-Scenes


​​​​​​​Engaging a brand agency or consultant can set you back $5-30k, with no guarantees that you’ll be happy with the result. 

With The Brand Tour, you’ll have everything you need to let you outsource or do it yourself!

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Engaging a brand agency or consultant can set you back $5-30k, with no guarantees that you’ll be happy with the result. 

With The Brand Tour, you’ll have everything you need to let you outsource or do it yourself!


THE BRAND TOUR ensures you…

Communicate your message through your branding.
Connect with your dream customers. 
Change lives...and the world.



You'll either love THE BRAND TOUR or simply email me with your completed worksheets to get a full refund, no worries! On top of the refund, you'll get a 1:1 brand strategy with me to help you along on your branding journey.